Campaign for "One Voice, One Action, One Africa."

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    The Chairperson of the African Union
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    Global Unification Africa
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Your Excellency,

Please accept my most humble greetings.

I sincerely wish to first express my gratitude and congratulate you and your compatriots for the role you played at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, where the debts of the 14 most highly indebted and poverty stricken African countries were cancelled.

I am however perturbed as to whether the efforts and gains made at the summit, will be sustainable.

It is with this in mind, that I am extremely proud to be a part of this enormous campaign for One Voice, One Acton, One Africa which encompasses participants drawn from all Member States that make up the African Union.

As much as I and the other members of the campaign team for One Voice, One Action, One Africa, led by the African Chapter of Global Unification, appreciate and applaud the valuable efforts You have made, I am convinced that only with a UNITED effort by African citizens, especially the leaders of our beloved continent, can the elimination of poverty in Africa be guaranteed.

I therefore seize this opportunity to urge You, Your Excellency, to utilize Your term in the African Union to unite all African Heads of State and their Governments to secure their unwavering support to be of one mind and to act as one to bring a positive change to our beloved Continent. In so doing, the efforts and gains made at the G8 Summit will not be in vain.

On my part as a patriotic African citizen, I promise and undertake to reach out to as many of my fellow Africans as possible, via this campaign, to help Make Poverty History in Africa, in our generation.

I will determinedly, through Global Unifications African Chapter, ensure that we put our hands together in adding value, integrity, dignity and pride to the African Union. I believe that universal African respect for the African Unions objectives will eventually be collectively adopted, on the continent, by the Member States.

My fervent desire is to see the next AU Summit bring hope to the hearts of Africans, where concrete policies will be made to successfully drive the process of wiping out poverty in Africa.

I believe that if all African Heads of State and their Governments are united, speaking with one voice and acting in a united manner, all the goodwill extended and assistance so far pledged, will realize the vision of eradicating poverty in Africa.

To this end, I am very glad and extremely proud to be taking part in the One Voice, One Action, One Africa Campaign collecting 30 million signatures to petition African Heads of State and their Governments to unite. I sincerely hope this effort will emphasize the point that the African populace is fully committed in supporting our leaders to bringing positive change to the lives of the millions of inhabitants of our Continent.

More so, I shall be most grateful, Your Excellency, if you can take into consideration the following points during your deliberation at the next AU Summit:

Efforts to protect and promote the dignity, the integrity and pride of Africa and Africans
Efforts aimed at promoting and encouraging trade justice as opposed to free trade
Efforts that encourage the industrialization and sustainable development of Africa
Efforts to promote programs encouraging employment, capacity building and empowerment of Africas Youth.

My sincere appreciation goes out to the African Union, and Your Excellency, for the opportunity extended to Global Unification Africa to contribute to the struggle and success of our beloved Continent.

I remain, a Patriotic Citizen of our beloved Continent, totally committed towards ensuring that poverty becomes a thing of the past in Africa

Member of the One Voice, One Action, One Africa Campaign Team.