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    Gay Americans and Supporters
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This petition requests that all government officials, regardless of political party, religion, race, sex, or orientation recognize the need for equal rights concerning current marriage laws. You are being asked to consider the large homosexual population in America and their request for recognition and equal treatment and benefits that are freely given to heterosexual couples. These laws need to change in able to support the doctrines of the United States Constitution. The current laws have been found to be unconstitutional and promote intolerance in this country. The right given to two consenting adults, who love each other should not be awarded to some and denied to others. This is pure discrimination. We ask you to do everything in your power to protect the laws regarding equal marriage rights for all couples, heterosexual and homosexual. To do this, the right to marry must be available to all. The people of this country have elected you to better the conditions of this land and expect you to act upon the requests of its citizens. The opportunity for change is now. Please support equal marriage laws.