Apple Features for International Users

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We, the loyal international users of hardware and software produced by Apple Computer Inc. are dismayed by the U.S. centric view of the Management of the aforementioned corporation.

U.S. only features such as iPhoto's hardback album ordering system and various sections of Sherlock 3 are not available should the customer live in a country other than the United States.

The recent announcement of iTunes 4 and the accompanying music service was met with great excitement by the international Macintosh community, but yet again we were let down as the ability to buy music from countries other than the U.S. is not available, and it is not clear whether this will ever be the case.

We pay the same figures for our Apple hardware and accompanying software as United States citizens, but the software feature set is becoming increasingly frustratingly crippled for us.

We demand that Apple Computer Inc. take a much more serious stance on supporting the 50\% of their customers who abide in countries other than the United States.