Bring Back the Sony Minidisc

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We, the undersigned wish to make a plea. As devoted fans of Minidisc technology, we would like to see the Minidisc become the standard for audio recording and reproduction. It's convenient size, reusability and superb quality make it the ideal media for our listening pleasures. It is with this in mind that we hereby ask you to reintroduce not only the media itself but also they players and recorders which we so love.

Now that new Minidisc equipment is no longer widely available, we are forced to try to find second-hand players and recorders which, due to the high build quality are still for the most part valid but are becoming more difficult to source. As time goes by, they will eventually start suffer degradation and eventually total failure. As such, we ask that Sony please reintroduce the Minidisc and it's associated equipment, at a cost which will be affordable to the home user.