Bring Back Headbangers Ball To MTV!

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    Fans of The Headbangers Ball Show
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Headbangers Ball was a show on MTV that debuted back in the late 1980's when I was a little girl and was the best show on the station that I watched religiously to get for a good 3 hours my fixing of Heavy Metal.It had an array of many different bands and not just showed music videos, but also showcased interviews an gave the latest news in the world of Heavy Metal.Then in the mid 1990's the show was abruptly cancelled!I was absolutely outraged and livid by the cancellation and ever since thereafter yearned for it's return which I haven't seen.The purpose of this petition is to bring back the show "HeadBangers Ball" back to MTV and have it be in permanent rotation in its line- up of shows, broadcasted internationally for all the fans of Heavy Metal,so please if you want to help out in bringing back the show "HeadBangers Ball" take a little time in signing this petition,I will be very thankful for everyones participation in signing this petition.Thank you.