Bring Back XM Radio's X-Country XM12

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    Management of XM-Sirius
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Whereas XM Radio's X-Country station, previously heard on XM12 has millions of loyal listeners who provide subscriber support to XM-Sirius Radio;

And, whereas the programming on the station that has replaced X-Country at XM12 on the dial, named "Outlaw Country", has numerous aesthetic differences from the programming of X-Country;

And, whereas XM-Sirius subscribers have a multitude of choices of where to spend their entertainment dollars beyond the XM-Sirius radio network;

And, whereas former X-Country Programming Director Jessie Scott built an alternative-country format that was successful in gaining loyal subscribers who acted as unpaid salesmen for the X-Country listening experience among their friends;

And, whereas Americana or Alternative Country music represents a dynamic and growing genre worthy of the respect of XM-Sirius' management;

We, the undersigned strongly petition the management of XM-Sirius to return X-Country to the programming lineup, including the restoration of Jessie Scott as Programming Director or in some other capacity to ensure the heart of X-Country remains intact.