Broadcom BCM4301 Drivers for Linux

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To whom it may concern,

We, the undersigned, are Linux users who own or are considering the purchase of hardware that makes use of the Broadcom BCM4301 802.11b wireless chipset.

These products include (but may not be limited to):

- Dell TrueMobile 1180
- Linksys WMP11 (rev. 2.7)

However, as of yet, owners of these products (and possibly others) have not been able to make use their hardware under Linux. As the BCM4301 is integrated in future wireless products, the lack of Linux drivers will no doubt cause further inconvenience to many more Linux users.

Therefore, we ask that Broadcom provide the public with Linux drivers for the BCM4301. Alternatively, Broadcom could provide technical assistance such as a driver development kit to parties interested in developing drivers for Linux and other operating systems.

Intersil has been able to offer support for the development of Linux drivers for the Prism chipset without damaging their business model. Indeed, Linux support may have encouraged individuals to purchase products based around the Prism. Therefore, we are confident that releasing drivers for the Linux operating system and/or technical documentation will prove beneficial to both Broadcom and the users of products featuring the BCM4301.