Simone de Beauvoir's Second Sex

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Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex is an important and influential text in the realm of feminism/philosophy. Unfortunately, the only English translation currently available is flawed- to such an extent that much of Beauvoir's original meaning has been lost or obscured. Large portions of the text have been cut, while key philosophical terms have been mistranslated. The inadequacy of the current translation may well be contributing to the belief, prevalent in certain circles, that the text need not be taken seriously by phenomenologists and other academics.
Random House/Knopf has repeatedly refused to publish or authorize a scholarly journal to publish a new, more accurate translation, despite ongoing pressure from members of the academic community. If the publisher is concerned about a loss of sales, they could join with a scholarly press to publish both a popular edition without notes and a fully annotated scholarly edition. Given the texts significance in the fields of philosophy, history, and literature, English readers should not have to wait decades longer until the book enters the public domain.
The purpose of this petition is to send a clear message to Random House/Knopf that academics, students, and other Beauvoir readers support, even demand, a new, accurate and complete translation of The Second Sex.