The Boy From Oz Release on DVD/VHS

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    Producers of "The Boy From Oz"
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The fans of The Boy From Oz and its star, Hugh Jackman, would like to present this Petition to request that the show be recorded and released on DVD / VHS once the show closes later this year.

Mr. Jackmans Tony-winning performance and portrayal of Australian entertainment legend Peter Allen is truly one for the ages. Filled with spark, style and indefatigable energy, the entire cast brings Peters catalogue of music back to life and leaves every heart soaring and toe tapping as they exit the Imperial.

Hughs fan base is truly international fans have come to New York to see The Boy From Oz from as far away as the Phillippines, Japan, the Netherlands, Franceand as close as the five boroughs of New York City. Not all of Mr. Jackmans fans are as lucky. For logistical, geographical or simply financial reasons, they have not and may not be able to attend the show before Hughs departure on September 12, 2004.

For this reason, we would like to request that The Boy From Oz be recorded for release this fall on DVD and VHS. Given the current box office attendance numbers and the impressively sized cancellation line found nightly at the Imperial, combined with the large fan base that Mr. Jackman has through his film career ($100+ million international box office grosses for Van Helsing, as an example), we believe that this recording would be a record-setter for Broadway.

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