Make "Any Other Way" A Single

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    Jive Records
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Dear Jive Records CEO,

Us, the fans of the BACKSTREET BOYS, want ANY OTHER WAY to be a single of their current album release Unbreakable. We do not understand why decisions were made against the will of the Backstreet Boys or/and their fans. We completely understand that Jive Records tries to make decisions which will lead to high sales but we feel like choosing Helpless When She Smiles is a bad option. We want the Backstreet Boys to do well just as Jive Records does and believe that an up-tempo track would make a better single as Inconsolable was a slow track already and a faster track would be the perfect selection as a follow-up single. We feel strongly about it and think that it would do great on the charts around the world with the support of appropriate promotion. Weve also heard that the Backstreet Boys themselves preferred an up-tempo track like ANY OTHER WAY and even had an idea for a video.

Basically what we want is: Make ANY OTHER WAY the next single!