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A lot has been in the news recently about the banning of computer games.

This has been highlighted more due to tragic events surrounding the deaths
of school children.

As this was unjustified and blame sent directly to the game companies due to
their content, I would like to put my opinion across.

As a Play station player and also a PC user, I have seen many weird things.
This has been anything from comical duos banging each other on the head to
violent deaths on television, videos and games like Manhunt and Grand Theft

I also have been playing games for over the past 20 years. Like many others,
and have not, in any way decided to go out and hunt someone down just
because that would be the COOL thing to do.

Currently the game to buy is GTA -San Andreas, This involves gangs fights,
killing, graffiti, and stealing cars. If this is wrong, then why have over
677,000 copies being sold in the first weekend?

I was in a supermarket a few days ago, when I notice a woman go and purchase
2 copies of this game. Do you think that she was thinking that her 2 sons
or who ever she was buying the games for would go out and kill some-one? I
dont think so.

The main reason for this ban by many people, as we all know is violence. So
lets put this to the test.

Apart from computer games, what else involves violence:-

Films (video and DVD)
Kids Daytime Viewing
The Bible

Are these going to be banned as well??

If you ban the game companies making violent games, then not only would they
be out of business, but this ban should include all TV, Radio, Advertising
and sporting events (e.g. Boxing).

Its time to stop blaming the people who write the games, cartoons etc, and
start looking at what can be done with the family and friends of the people
who play these games. The games companies have advised, on several
occasions, that these games are for over 18s. Which part of this do
parents and friends not understand. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, YOU DONT PLAY

I know I am not the only one who thinks like this, so please sign this petition.