Release Babylon 5 Series on DVD

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    Warner Bros.
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    Everyone who wants to see Babylon 5 released on DVD.
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We are FANS. Fans of Babylon 5. And we would like to have ability to BUY Babylon 5 on DVD. We would like the Babylon 5 DVD's to be good quality, in 16:9 aspect as the show was recorded in, and we would like the DVD's to be recorded with the most amount of care possible.

Babylon 5 was one of the best Science Fiction shows on television and we the fans would like to watch it again as it was meant to be watched.

Don't rely on sales of the first Babylon 5 DVD to be your guide as to whether the series would sell. Your first attempt at at a Babylon 5 DVD was below standard. The image quality was poor and was only released in NTSC which will lower sales in countries that broadcast PAL or SECAM.

To summarise:

1. Please release the Babylon 5 TV series along with telemovies on DVD.

2. Please make the images and sounds on the Babylon 5 DVD's the best you could possibly produce.

3. Please produce the Babylon 5 DVD's in their original 16:9 aspect, with surround sound.

4. Please produce the Babylon 5 DVD's in the TV format of the region it is sold in.

If you do these things then we will reward you with sales of the series higher than you could have ever hoped for.