Ban the Designated Hitter

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    The Commissioner of Major League Baseball
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In 1973, Major League Baseball added the Designated Hitter to the American League (The National League never adopted the DH rule). The Designated Hitter rule allowed American League teams to boost sagging offensive performances by designating a player to bat in place of the pitcher.

No matter what DH supporters claim, It robs the game of some of its most interesting strategy. Managers in a non-designated hitter world choose their teams weighing both the offensive and defensive talents of each player. The DH rule eliminates that strategic consideration for one player, affecting both line-up decisions and game tactics for the whole team. The designated hitter also distorts records, screws up young ballplayers, and makes a complete mess of the World Series. Furthermore, it allows players who would otherwise not be in the lineup because of age, injury, or defensive ineptitude to participate in only half the game.

I have lost all respect for the American League mainly because of this DH rule. PITCHERS can HIT and HITTERS can play DEFENSE, if they can't do this then they shouldn't be in Major League Baseball.

Remember that baseball is built on tradition and the DH rule was added in 1973... Let's go back to baseball's grass roots and BAN the Designated Hitter.