Grant Nadia Abu El-Haj Tenure

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    Columbia University/Barnard College
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We the undersigned strongly endorse the tenure case of Nadia Abu El-Haj at Barnard college. We completely reject every unsubstantiated allegation made in the related petition ( to deny Ms. Abu El-Haj tenure. Moreover, we wish to register that we find to be deplorable such unsubstantiated attacks on the autonomy of free academic inquiry and academic self-government from outside the academy. Ms. Abu El-Haj's work has undergone peer review and has been published by a premier academic press (University of Chicago) and it stands on its own merits, which have been widely recognized in the academic community. We believe that these attacks on Ms. Abu El-Haj are part of an orchestrated witch-hunt (reminiscent of course of McCarthyism) against politically unpopular ideas. We also believe that Ms. Abu El-Haj has been singled out from among many other authors who make the same points essentially because of her last name, thus, we suspect that something like simple ethnic prejudice is at issue here.