BioShock for PC Patch

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    Irrational Games and 2K Games
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We, the potential players of BioShock for the PC platform, are severely disappointed with your very appalling lack of video-card support, most notably for the ATI Radeon X800.

We believe this game could be fairly easily patched to run without needing the version 3 vertex and version 3 pixel shader. We also believe it is in the best interest of the company to ensure that as many potential consumers as possible are able to play such a magnificent game, for the reputation of the company, the 'word of mouth' advertising, and the sales numbers.

The alternative, for a lot of us, includes spending hundreds of dollars on upgrading our computer systems, sometimes requiring an entirely new system all together. The least a person can expect to spend is twice the cost of the game itself, which doesn't bode well for company or consumer.

To support our beliefs that this patch wouldn't be a difficult one, we submit evidence the following bulletin board thread on your own forums, authored by user, "ScottJG" :

In this thread, he details how, in a matter of less than an hour, he manages to render the game significantly more playable, making a myriad of textures visible. If an unpaid consumer with no ties to the programming team can make this much radical progress on the same day the game is released, we believe that the original team who worked on it can make said patch a reality in almost no time at all.

A number of those of us who played the demo or the actual game itself on someone else's computer, or on the Xbox 360 game console are excited and anxious beyond words, so we believe hastiness at this time, is golden. Please make playing this multiple award winning, highly acclaimed game a budget friendly reality for thousands of us.