Breastfeeding Pictures on Myspace

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    Breastfeeding Myspace Users
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This petition is in response to Myspace users having pictures of a nursing child deleted. Our goal in signing this petition is to open the eyes of not only the men and women who run, but also to the public that there is NOTHING offensive or indescent about a mother and child nursing. Breastfeeding is a natural thing and is something that no woman should be made to feel embarrassed about. It is legal in EVERY state to breastfeed in public where any woman and child have the right to be. It is sad that even in this day and age that a woman is expected to retreat to a bathroom or her vehicle to feed her child because it "offends" someone. Myspace has been deleting countless pictures and graphics of a breastfeeding child/mother, yet the ads on their very own home page normally contain scantilly clad women. Not only that, but finding young children in barely there clothing is no hard task. We are asking that the Myspace staff recognize the rights of its users to post their pictures of breastfeeding proudly. If every state allows a woman to breastfeed in public without a law being broken, then why does Myspace have an issue with it?