World Trade Center Bedrock Footprints As a National Historic Landmark: Preserve Sacred Historic Ground for All Americans and Citizens of the World For All Time

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    Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, National Park Service, and Governor Pataki
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We, the undersigned September 11th families, survivors, rescue workers and concerned Americans, support the Coalition of 9-11 Families National Historic Landmark nomination of the bedrock footprints of the World Trade Center North and South Towers and we urge Gale Norton, the Secretary of the Interior, to protect and preserve this modern day Gettysburg.

We, the undersigned, urge Secretary Norton to enter the bedrock footprints into the national registry. The transcendent historical significance of the bedrock footprints is undisputable and these footprints have an indelible and justified place in American history. At this point, the LMDC and Port Authority have made no formal decree to preserve the bedrock footprints memorial boundaries are set at 30 feet below street level thus creating artificial footprints. Current and future generations should also not be deprived of authenticity of American history. These generations should be allowed to journey down 70 feet to stand on this American battlefield. As evidenced in the pictures provided by the Coalition of 9-11 Families, box beam columns of the Tower footprints are encased in bedrock an authentic historical document of where the Towers stood still exists.