Chris Brown and Rihanna to remain Nominees on Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards Nominations

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To those that believe Chris Brown and Rihanna should be removed are two faces, hypocritical. If the parents believe in sending the kids wrong message of what is a Role Model. Then what do you think of Michael Phelps, Kid Rock, T-Pain, Jamie Lynn, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Christian Bale?? Are these people also Role Models that had done past mistakes in their lives? Shouldn't they also be taken off?

To try and crucify 19 and 21 old is a bit sad. Instead of tarring them down, help them out. These two kids which is what they are, need Help and Support not be crucify or be Judgmental towards.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are nominated for their work has Entertainers not what they do in their Personal lives, the two should be separated and not cast stone upon. They are not there to raise your own Children. You're the ones that are supposed to teach them from what's right and what's wrong. Trying to have young celebrities raise your kid isn't the way. It's being Hypocritical about the situation. You want to educate your children then do so, don't be looking into these artists that are just children themselves to it for you.

We the fans of Chris Brown and Rihanna ask for Nickelodeon and Viacom to resume and hold their statement therefore not be pressured from the outsiders to remove the artists. Chris Brown and Rihanna were nominated as an ARTIST and their work in music field and Special talents as Entertainers. What's happened or happens in their Personal lives is their own NO ONE ELSES. They are nominated for their incredible work has artists and HARD work they've done the past year (08) and deserve their nominated like everyone else. One incident should be fault of it or their work.