Yes, we want Cagney & Lacey DVDs

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    fans of 'Cagney & Lacey'
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We're writing to let you know that Cagney & Lacey was one of the best cop/crime drama shows of the 1980s. We want to remind you that in its 7-year run it won 32 prestigious TV awards: each year it was on either Tyne Daly (Lacey) or Sharon Gless (Cagney) won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Cagney & Lacey ended 20 years ago, but if all its fans got together, we'd more than fill the old Yankee Stadium. You just don't seem to have noticed we're out there, so this is us, knocking on your door, asking for you to produce the whole series on DVD.

There are just 22 episodes we can buy from the first season. We want them all. Sure there are cheap bootleg copies of the whole series available, but besides the poor quality, those DVDs won't bring any residuals to Tyne Daly or Sharon Gless or any of the other fine actors in Cagney & Lacey (including Loretta Swit and Meg Foster who played Christine Cagney in the pilot and the first six episodes, respectively).

We want MGM/Fox to produce all 125 episodes, all 7 seasons, and all four made-for-TV movies of this award-winning series on DVD. We're responding to this survey to let you know that. If over 57545 fans are knocking on your door for Detectives Chris Cagney and Marybeth Lacey, how can you turn us away?