Fatal Frame 4 multiplatform

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    Tecmo, inc
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We, the people that have signed this petition and true fans of Your game series "Fatal Frame" (also known as "Project Zero"), are very astonished about Your decision to release the new chapter of our preferred series only on Nintendo Wii platform. Not all the Fatal Frame fans are interested in this platform, which can be innovative and enjoyable, but sometimes is far from our predilections. Not all of us plan to ever get this kind of platform, so we will not be able to enjoy Your new game. So, we are asking You to reconsider your decision and plan the release of the new Fatal Frame episode as a multi-platform game, available on any "next-gen" console: Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox360 and, naturally, Nintendo Wii. Releasing it only on Wii, You can only lost the interest and the affection of many fan of the series.