Cascade Parc Homeowners Request for Control of Homeowner Association

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    Sharon McSwain
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    Cascade Parc Homeowners
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Cascade Parc was reportedly chosen as one of the nations first model communities under the Housing Americas Workforce Initiative. Cascade Parc was the culmination of years of planning and the exciting beginning of a nationwide program to provide affordable, quality housing for those who work in the city but couldn't afford its high-priced homes. This project is failing miserably due to the lack of planning and lack of enforcement of the by-laws and covenants by Sharon McSwain.

The homeowners of Cascade Parc are currently not being given the ability to save their community. Upon development, Sharon McSwain Homes did not change variances of the previous land owners. Therefore, all homes (townhome and single family) are on one water meter. The City of Atlanta bills the HOA who pays the water on the homeowners' behalf. A data company, currently Vertex, bills each homeowner for their individual usage. These payments reimburse the homeowner association.

According to Access Management, property managers for Cascade Parc, there are 156 of 236 homes (66\%) are delinquent on their homeowner association bills and/or water utility bills. The HOA account is delinquent to the amount of $82,000 (as of 06/08/2009). The community bylaws and covenants include provisions to terminate utitlity services paid on the behalf of homeowners if said homeowner is delinquent on homeowner association dues or utility bills.

Access Management has advised they cannot enforce this covenant without a directive from the homeowner association board. Sharon McSwain is the sole board member of the Cascade Parc Homeowner Association. She has systematically failed to take action against delinquent homeowners putting others at risk of losing their utilities despite being current in payments. Sharon McSwain has refused to provide the directive needed to prevent termination of services to the entire community and take the necessary measures to collect past due monies.

We, the undersigned, are concerned homeowners who are requesting our developer, Sharon McSwain, to relinquish control of the Homeowner Association to the homeowners.