Lost Boys IV- A Chance For Chance

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    Warner Brothers
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Dear Warner Brothers,

After seeing 'The Tribe' and watching trailers for 'The Thirst', we are overjoyed to see that the writers, directors and producers making The Lost Boys sequels have paid attention to fans and brought back Jamison Newlander as Alan Frog. But sadly, one important element is still missing. What about Laddie? No Lost Boys sequel is complete without Laddie! If the powers to be decide to make another sequel, many of us have banded together as we did for Alan. Only now, we want Laddie. We are demanding to see Chance Michael Corbitt re-cast in his old role as a grown up Laddie. He is the only actor we want to see in this role, and we don't want to see another Lost Boys sequel without him in it! The potential his character could add to another story is great. We hope you will once again listen to your fans and reward our loyalty.