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Hello Chris Daughtry Fans! This petition is from the hearts of us. We feel that Chris was wrongly kicked off of American Idol on May 10th, 2006. We, the fans of Chris Daughtry, demand American Idol and Fox to do a Recount on the Votes. Ask anyone who they thought was going to win American Idol this year, and 90\% of them would say CHRIS DAUGHTRY. We are shocked and saddened that this has happened. This is a HUGE mistake. Recount the votes American Idol, Recount the votes Fox. You will be greatly surprised that Chris Daughtry should have remained in the competition. If a Recount is not done, with the signatures from all of the Chris Daughtry Fans demanding one, it will only PROVE, that this show is rigged. Please, give us a recount and bring Chris back. HE IS OUR AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! If you agree with this petition, PLEASE, the Fans urge you to sign it and pass it along to anyone you know who LOVES Chris as much as we do. WE LOVE YOU CHRIS, OUR AMERICAN IDOL!! AND WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU TO BE THE OFFICIAL AMERICAN IDOL!!!