Bring Trix Cereal back to it's Original Shape

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Silly Cereal company Trix is for the People!

Please bring back Trix Cereal to it's original form!

We the undersigned believe that Trix Cereal was perfect before it's change to fruit shapes. The cereal's appeal was in its simplicity. The spherical shape of the cereal had a great, "mouth feel". It filled the bowl easier, and on some occasions would overflow and roll out of the bowl, which in turn was fun to eat as well. Odd as it sounds, it goes well beyond the nostalgia of things old. This was a classic form, as good and pure as the shape of the Earth, itself. We cite, the success of other cereals which shared Trix's original shape, I.E., Cocoa Puffs, Kix, and the sometimes very hard to find Oops, All Berries. Those cereals have stayed tried and true. It's hard to imagine Cocoa Puffs with a new Chocolate bar shape, wouldn't it? Those who remember the original form that Trix had, would love to see it return for more than nostalgia, many of us who ate this cereal have stopped eating Trix all together since it's change. Please bring back a cereal which was perfect in every way before the change. Thank You.