Replace Fun Forest with Green Space at Seattle Center

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    Seattle Center, Seattle City Council, Mayor Mike McGinn
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We the undersigned oppose commercial use of the former Fun Forest building and support creation of public open space at the south Fun Forest portion of Seattle Center. We urge the Seattle Center management, Mayor Mike McGinn, and the Seattle City Council immediately to begin implementation of the "green refuge" envisioned in the Century 21 Master Plan for this area and unanimously adopted by the Council in 2008.

We appreciate the current financial needs of the Seattle Center, but precious public open space, once lost, is very hard to regain. We therefore encourage civic leaders to mobilize the volunteer energy, creativity, and philanthropic resources of the greater Seattle community to start right now to create a free, active, and well-designed public green space, 'The Park at Seattle Center.' This Park should extend from Broad Street to the Seattle Children's Theatre, be connected by greenways to other nearby parks as possible, and should be developed for the permanent enjoyment of all Seattle's visitors and residents.