Bringing Home the Dog

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    A&E, NBC/Universal, ABC, Yum Brands Inc.
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    Fans/Supporters of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter'
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To A&E, NBC/Universal, ABC, Yum Brands Inc... Today, November 6,2007,and everyday to come, we the viewers/consumers, have decided to group together to show support for Duane "Dog" Chapman. While we may not agree with his views on interracial dating, nor the word he used, we do realize that he is human, and makes mistakes, and he has tried to make amends which no one seems to be accepting. As a sign of our petition, we are choosing to either no longer support your channels/products, or if we choose to continue shopping, we will be sure to include 'In Dog We Trust' on our checks/money orders, etc, and if we choose to view, it will be limited, not like it used to be. We hope that once you see how important your viewers/consumers are, that you might change your mind, and you can start the new season of Dog the Bounty Hunter, with an episode entitled 'Bringing Home the Dog', which should begin with a public apology to not only Duane himself, but also his family and fan base.