Drug Test Congress

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    President of the United States
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In light of recent activity, we the people of the United States of America believe that members of congress must be held to a higher standard and lead by example.

We have heard repeatedly the media debate and ongoing discussions
about the responsibility of professional athletes to be held accountable for
their actions regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs. This past week we witnessed a congressional hearing focusing on Major League Baseball players. A hearing which the vast majority of the United States agrees was unnecessary, embarrassing for all involved, and wasteful of taxpayer money.

Let us not forget that baseball is still a game. Major League Baseball is performed for our entertainment should we choose to watch, as is football, hockey, basketball et al.

Congress is comprised of elected officials that we entrust to do their best to make our country great. Members of congress are elected by the citizens of the USA and they are paid by our tax dollars ultimately making them accountable to the people of this great country.

The steroid issue of MLB is undeniable but it does not have any effect on my safety and day to day life or that of any other citizens of the USA. There exist many more pressing issues going on in the United States of America, including but not limited to healthcare, homeland security, crime, and education reform. These are examples of the issues that we as American citizens elect our officials to remedy. The reality is that baseball players are merely entertainers whereas members of congress are making life changing decisions on a daily basis.

For this reason, coupled with a history of poor judgment and performance on behalf of our members of congress we the undersigned request that mandatory drug testing be imposed upon all members of congress.