Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin on DVD Petition

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This petition is to get the Ralph Bakshi film Coonskin (aka Street Fight) released on DVD. This film tells a story about the status of African Americans using both live-action and animation. It could be a more modern telling of the Disney/Uncle Remus Song of the South film.

There has recently been a resurgence in interest in Ralph Bakshi's films (Heavy Traffic, Fritz the Cat and The Lord of the Rings are already either out on DVD, or announced for release). We would like to support an effort to release all of Bakshi's films on DVD - this particular petition focuses on Coonskin.

We, the undersigned would like to support a DVD release of Coonskin - preferably with the audio and video presented at the highest level of quality possible, in the original theatrical aspect ratio. Supplemental features such as a commentary track with Mr. Bakshi should be included if at all possible.

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