Anti Chaining Petition

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    Forsyth County Commissioners and Georgia General Assembly
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Georgia has some of the weakest laws in the country protecting our animals.

In Forsyth county as well as statewide, many dogs are sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility for parole. These dogs have done nothing wrong and have never committed a crime. Yet they're subjected to a punishment worse than death - life at the end of a chain. Many of these dogs are chained up 24/7 and some remain incarcerated like this for their entire lives. Most of these dogs have never been for a walk or played a game of fetch. The Animals experience the same feelings that humans do such as pain, fear, joy and sadness. Dogs chained for extended periods of time suffer from immense psychological damage. Some bark incessantly out of frustration, loneliness and boredom. Others become depressed, sad or withdrawn. And many develop aggressive behavior.

According to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Association many fatal attacks and numerous dog bites involve animals who have been restrained. The Humane Society of the United States reports that dogs forced to live on a chain are defenseless against other animals that enter their territory. They are often subjected to harassment and teasing from insensitive humans and they are easy targets for thieves looking to steal animals for medical research. Furthermore, many tethered dogs often strangle to death on their chains and others have been found with chains embedded in their necks, as a result of years of neglect. Aside from the severe emotional and social deprivation these animals experience, they also suffer from exposure to extreme temperatures, medical neglect, dehydration, and parasite infestation. Many dogs are forced to eat, sleep and deposit their own waste in a single confined area. For more information, visit

This petition represents your voice to BAN chaining or tethering a dog. By signing petition, you are letting Forsyth County Commissioners and Georgia General Assembly know that you are a VOTER and demand to see change.

Please sign this petition so we can encourage our County Commissioners of Forsyth County to update the antiquated ordinances and Georgia General Assembly to make this a law to reflect the following:

It shall be unlawful for the owner or possessor of any animal to
restrain or anchor an animal by means of a tether, chain, cable, rope
or cord, unless the tether or other restraint is being held by a
competent person. A chain shall never be used as a leash.