Account Deletion on Fanfiction.Net

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Have you been wrongly reported on Have you lost everything; reviews, favorites, fanfiction? Do you think a bit more consideration should have been put into the deletion of your account? Perhaps's process of report/delete is disappointing you. Does it seem like maybe it's a bit too easy to sabotage a perfectly good writer with false accusations? Maybe you think something needs to be done to prevent the loss of any more authors? If so, this petition is just what you're looking for.

Everyday, writers who are reported by anonymous reviewers with no stated reason have their accounts deleted. Many of these authors have no backup files, no records of what they had before their deletion. Due to the fact that there is no warning system or email notification before the deletion this can often lead to the demise of an author. They might feel like giving up after losing it all. That is the last thing we want for all the wonderful writers on

By signing this petition, you are saying that you think a little more time needs to be put into the report/delete process that has. You will be requesting that authors pending deletion have a chance to save their work through either the use of warnings or email notifications at least a day before deletion. If that is not at all possible, perhaps we are simply asking for the return of an author's work after the deletion of an account?

We have fallen victim to the unexpected deletion of author accounts. We were not warned. We were angered, shocked, confused. We still are a little mad, which is probably the fuel that is spurring this petition. But if you too have lost your account, if you are in fear of losing your account, or if you are sympathetic to those who have lost their accounts then we ask you to please sign our petition. Thank you.