Change proposed Doolin Pier design

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    West Coast Surf Club, Ireland
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We, the undersigned, are requesting that Clare Co. Council, Ireland, do not proceed with their current plans for a new harbor pier in Doolin.
(planning application details ref: 108006 Clare Co. Council ) -

We are concerned that this design will damage the nearby surf spots of Doolin Point and Crab Island from wave backwash or reflection.

We are also concerned that, because the design puts the pier so far out on the point, surfers will need to enter\exit the water to the east of the pier and therefore cross the paths of berthing\departing ferries to get to the waves. This is a major safety hazard.

We request that Clare Co. Council instead, ensure that their engineers engage with the West Coast Surf Club and Irish Surfing Association to agree an alternative design that:-
- Does not damage the nearby world-class surfing waves of Crab Island and Doolin Point from wave backwash & reflection.
- Allows surfers access the waves without having to cross the path of berthing & departing ferries.