Reissue E-2 Visa for Dean & Laura Franks

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    Vice President Joseph Biden; John Morton, Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency; Congresswoman Chellie Pingree; Congressman Mike Michaud; Senator Susan Collins; Senator Olympia Snowe; Governor John Baldacci
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On behalf of British nationals, Dean and Laura Franks, of Wells, Maine, who are legal immigrants on an E-2 Visa, we urgently request that their E-2 Visa be reissued immediately, and deportation procedings against them be terminated.

The Franks came to the United States and have lived in the state of Maine for almost 10 years. They own a home, and owned and operated a business that employed American workers. That business paid taxes and contributed to the economy of Maine. Their E-2 Visa had been reissued twice before. Last year, however, someone in California - not Maine - determined their business to be "marginal" after having never been there or seen it, thus beginning deportation procedings against the Franks.

The Franks are known by all to be extremely hard working people, and are the type of immigrants that made the United States of America a great nation. Every government official that breathes the words "immigration reform" brings disgrace and shame on our country for what is being done to the Franks. They are exactly the kind of immigrants our country should want and welcome with arms wide open. Instead, we destroy their lives, take everything from them, and throw them out of our country.

To each individual this petition is addressed to: WE THE PEOPLE from all corners of this country implore you, please over turn this unjust decision immediately. Reissue the E-2 Visa of Dean and Laura Franks at once. Let them rebuild their lives in the State and the country they love and stay in the USA.