Stop BBC America from cancelling EastEnders!

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Once again we are faced with the loss of EastEnders from BBC America's line up-effective Saturday, Sept. 27th, 2003.

We hope that the powers that be at BBC America will once again reconsider this decision and keep our favourite British programme on the air.

As was the case previously, BBCA viewers are tired of the same repetitive programmes such as "Ground Force" and "Changing Rooms"...programmes we once enjoyed watching-BEFORE we could recite each episode word for word from memory as a result of seeing them aired time and time again on the same day!

British television has so much more to offer-and once again, the powers that be at BBC America refuse to share this rich resource with American fans as well as British Ex-Pats.

EastEnders has a wide audience across the United States. BBC America fleetingly promoted the show at one point-and then decided that this wasn't even worth the effort. How can you get positive demographics on a programme when it isn't advertised or promoted in any way?

The U.S. based EastEnders fans will not go down without having our voices heard-which is something the BBCA must have thought they could avoid by not warning any of us of the possibility that it was once again, under consideration for cancellation.