Fire Terry Porter

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Dear Mr. Kerr,

Recent reports that Amare Stoudemire may be traded soon have once again focused media attention on the team's latest struggles. This was likely intended to send a message that the front office is engaged and proactive. However, because of other extenuating factors, it is creating a much different impression than you intended.

More and more leaks from within the organization and people close to it have indicated that both the players and some of assistant coaches no longer respect Terry Porter, and have come to actively dislike him to the point of being unwilling to speak with him. This is the most severe form of organizational dysfunctionality. Given that this same group of players was able to finish out last season 15-5, it reinforces the public perception that the team's problems stem from the head coach.

By seeking to move Amare Stoudemire before moving the person who is most widely regarded by the public as the problem, it sends one of three messages:

1. The coach is retaining his job due to your personal relationship with Porter from your playing days (cronyism).

2. The Suns organization is retaining him for financial reasons, and is not actually concerned about fixing the on court problems OR

3. The front office is ignorant of the situation between the players, assistant coaches, and head coach despite the rift already being public knowledge.

I'm sure you already know this, but it bears repeating: Perception is reality. The Suns organization needs to very carefully consider what it does next. Moving Amare before the head coach and then applying spin that goes completely against the conventional wisdom will seem contrived, manipulative, or ignorant, and will only serve to further drive a wedge between the organization and the fans. Thank you for your time.