Fire Brian Schottenheimer

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    New York Jets Owner - Woody Johnson
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Dear Woody Johnson,

This petition is simple, Jets fans want to see Brian Schottenheimer gone immediately at the Offensive Coordinator of the New York Jets. For years we have seen his incompetent and horrific play calling ruin this teams chances at post season success. How many offensive players does this guy have to ruin before he gets let go.

Brian Schottenheimer has done enough to warrant a petition of this sort. He clearly has no idea how to run an offense with two Pro Bowl running backs and a rookie quarterback and should be replaced if we want any success at all.


2008: After starting 8-3, the Jets offense completely imploded with Brett Favre at the helm prompting the Jets to miss the playoffs after finishing 1-4. During this five game stretch the Jets had both Thomas Jones and Leon Washington (both Pro Bowlers) running amazingly yet week after week we watched the Jets throw it 30-40 times with Favre only to see interception after interception. Let's not forget Schottenheimer's fake reverse to Cotchery in the crazy rain in Denver.

2009: We have seen Schottenheimer ruin Mark Sanchez's rookie season with horrible game plans and awful play calls. How hard is it to understand that we have a ROOKIE quarterback. I can count on one hand how many screens and check downs we have seen. We have completely abandoned the running game watch as Mark Sanchez is asked to roll out, play action, and throw deep on every play. Not even Peyton Manning could win with this offense. A great example is Buffalo, Mark Sanchez's first game in the cold, rain, and wind and he threw THIRTY pass while the offense ran for 300+ yards.

It's no coincidence that both Drew Brees and Philip Rivers got much better once Brian Schottenheimer left and was no longer their QB Coach. By the way, how is Brett Favre doing now that Schottenheimer isn't coaching him? That's enough proof right there.

Enough is enough, build a smart coaching staff that can control the ball, these plays are laughable at best. Who wants to buy a PSL to watch these ridiculous play calls?


Jets fans everywhere!