FIA President Max Mosley Must Resign to Save F1

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    The FIA & Max Mosley
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We believe that F1 is in crisis, with talk of a breakaway series, constant bickering between rival factions, last minute rule changes and worst of all the recent events at the US GP at Indy.

We are three F1 fans who are fed up with the current state of F1. We believe that all parties (The FIA, the teams, the engine manufacturers and Bernie Ecclestone) are all partly to blame, however the FIA as governing body of F1 should take the overall responsibility. As the head of the FIA, Max Mosley must be held accountable. We believe he is involved in the power struggle currently affecting the sport. The FIA should and must be independent. It is not and Max must go.

We call upon all F1 fans to support this petition and demand the resignation of Max Mosley. Please read our reasons below for getting rid of Max. Please pass this onto any F1 fans you know. Sign the petition.

Our reasons are as follows:

1) Politics, back biting and sniping get more headlines than the on track F1 action.

2) The FIA meetings about the future of the sport are boycotted by 9 of the 10 teams, that should tell the FIA something!!

3) The qualifying system has changed 3 seasons running, it's condemned by the public, TV execs and the team bosses - it now even has been changed mid season as final qualifying wasn't being televised.

4) FIA changes the engine regulations every year (V10s, V10s - 1 weekend rule, V10s - 2 weekend rule, next year V8s) this leads to massive development costs. How is this supposed to be cutting costs - a key FIA objective.

5) The US GP Indianapolis 2005. Michelin screwed up. The FIA basically said race with unsafe tyres and manage the safety yourself. No-one involved was blameless at Indy, but it seems the FIA wanted the situation to end up as it did. 9 teams, the track owner and Bernie were happy to add the chicane. Max wasn't. You know what happened.

6) The teams that didn't race (on grounds of safety) are now to be penalised for taking safety more seriously than the FIA. Michelin deserve to be penalised, but the FIA is on a power-trip and no-one can keep them in check.

7) The BAR 'hidden fuel tank' issue. OK maybe BAR were cheating. Maybe not. But when the FIA has to question the decision of it's own scrutineers, something must be wrong. Also regardless of the actual truth, when a significant number of people question the FIA's motives and suspect that the FIA went for BAR to get at the engine manufacturers group something must be wrong.

8) New FIA imposed downforce regulations make it harder to overtake, not easier. How is that good for the sport?

9) Cost cutting measures were only implemented after Prost, Arrows and Jaguar went to the wall. Duh!!

10) The cost cutting measures that were put in place lead to Minardi and Jordan having to redesign their car to comply with the new regulations. The new regs hurt the teams they were meant to help because the FIA dilly-dallied too long before putting them in place.

11) When team bosses start to organise a break away series alarm bells should go off, surely.

12) We all know Bernie runs the sport like his own personal playground. That isn't good for the future of F1, however the only reason he can get away with it is because he knows Max doesn't have the backbone to stand up to him.

Thanks for your support.