Ask the Pope not to wear fur

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    His Holiness, the Pope
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Dear Compassionate Human Being,

Pope Benedict XVI has been seen wearing a red velvet hat trimmed with white ermine fur, known as "camauro". The hat was commonly worn by popes in the medieval period to keep their heads warm for outdoor events during the colder winter months. For special occasions, a red velvet, ermine-trimmed cape called a mozzetta, was worn. The last pope to have worn the traditional fur-trimmed papal hat in public was Pope John XXIII.

On special occasions, such as official audiences with heads of state, Pope Benedict also wears a red cape trimmed with white fur.

His Holiness, the Pope, may not be aware that fur bearing animals are skinned alive for fur. By signing this petition, you will be asking His Holiness, the Pope, not to wear real fur. There are "faux" fur of excellent quality that may be used for his official outfit without cruelty that goes beyond human decency. Or he may choose not to wear fur at all. Such cruelty free garment will be most appropriate for his Holiness to represent the teachings of Jesus Christ which are based on compassion towards all living beings.

Once informed, His Holiness will surely agree that animals are God's creatures and deserve to be treated with compassion, the most sacred dogma of Christ's teachings. You may also write to him and ask him with your own words to please stop wearing fur. This would be a signal to the Catholic churches around the world to reflect and preserve the sanctity of all God's creatures.

To learn about the fur bearing animals' suffering, please access the documentary below by the EAST International and The Swiss Animal Protection Agency. The images on this link can be very upseting to many, so please be aware:

Thank you,