Mr. Cuban Save Our Franchise & City

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    Mr. Mark Cuban
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Dear Mr. Cuban,

On behalf of the brethren of Philadelphia Phillies fans; We officially petition and plea that you would highly consider saving our beloved franchise and this city.

No major city that is home to franchises in all four professional sports has endured a longer championship drought. There has not been a championship parade down Broad Street since 1983 when the 76ers swept the Lakers. With near misses by all four teams coming up short in their respective finals: Flyers in 87 and 97; Sixers in 01; Eagles in 04 (as well as reaching the NFC Conf. Championship in 01, 02, & 03); and Phillies in 83 and 93. It took 14 long years for the Phillies to even reach the playoffs again after the 93 team, only to be swept in the first round.

All the while, I would put the Philadelphia fans against any other citys fans in terms of heart and passion. While the national media loves to beat up on the fans for being overly tough and negative, if you talk to any local authority you will see a true reflection that it is simply our passion that shines through and that this city eats, breathes, and sleeps our sports teams all year round.

One of the oldest franchises, beginning in 1883, the Phillies have had a long history of losing. In 124 years, the team has won only 1 championship. This year the team suffered their 10,000 loss and is the losing-est franchise in professional sports.

The team, players, and city needs a savior. We need a hero to come in and deliver a winner. More importantly we need a hero to come in and deliver us a champion! We BELIEVE you can be that hero.

Our city is a great baseball city with a great Ballpark. We have a well rooted fan base that has been true to this team through losing season after losing season. For many years the spirit seemed dormant, but it never left. This past season as the city identified and endeared the players and their grit you see the spirit has returned and is thriving. Throughout the year even as the team hung many games behind the favored and hated Mets in the standings, there was an energy and faith in the city about this team. On Sunday, September 30, the euphoria in Citizen Ballpark and throughout the region was simply incredible. However, the season ended with unfinished business. And you are the man to help us finish it.

The next great rivalry in sports is in the making between the Mets and our Fightins'. We need an owner or ownership group that will be committed to doing whatever necessary to complete and defeat the N.Y. Mets and other NL opponents.

It was recently reported by one of our most honorable and esteemed journalist that all but one of the owners is willing to sell the team. There is a feeling in the city that the team will be sold in the relative future. The opportunity is here. I know you would love it here & I know we would love to have you here! Your passion and excitement is a perfect match for the passion of our fans and our city.

Mr. Cuban, please accept our petition to become the owner of our Philadelphia Phillies!