Save Black Sabbath- Fire Ozzy

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    Misters Iommi, Butler, and Ward
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    Black Sabbath Fans
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Dear Misters Iommi, Butler, and Ward,

We Black Sabbath fans have been waiting for a new Black Sabbath studio album for ten years, and statements made as recently as January of 2005 have suggested that Ozzy's failure to commit to Black Sabbath have inhibited the possibility of another Black Sabbath album.

We're humbly asking for you to consider firing Ozzy again. Through the pursuit of various television projects (among others), Ozzy has shown a lack of commitment to Black Sabbath and its fans that, by the standards held by other bands, would exceed the boundaries of grounds for dismissal.

There are a great many singers, both veterans and novices, who would enthusiastically jump at the opportunity to sing for Black Sabbath. It seems a cruel waste that such zeal should be wasted for the benefit of someone who appears to possess none.

The fans are getting restless, and Ozzy is quickly losing his appeal. Perhaps the idea that abandoning Ozzy would save the Black Sabbath ship (and its legacy) before we rats desert is worthy of serious consideration.