Help Ellen DeGeneres free Iggy!

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On September 20th 2007 Ellen DeGeneres adopted a puppy Iggy (a Brussels Griffon mix) After spending around $3000 on Iggy and spending money on a dog trainer so he would be able to get along with her other animals, Ellen realized that Iggy was too much energy and was too rambunctious. Instead of giving Iggy back to the shelter (Mutts&Moms) she decided to give Iggy to her hairdresser whom she sees every single day! She didn't think she was doing anything wrong and was giving Iggy a good home with two little girls who fell in love with him. On Sunday October 14th 2007) the shelter called Ellen to see how Iggy was doing. She didn't lie and told the truth about the situation. The agency became upset and told Ellen that if she didn't hand the dog over to them that they would call the media and get the cops involved. The shelter eventually went to the home of the two little girls and basically ripped the dog out of their arms and took them away leaving the girls in tears. On Tuesday October 16th 2007, Ellen made a tearful plea on her show begging the shelter to give Iggy back, that it was her fault and not the little girls.

Iggy belongs with these little girls and not in stuck in a shelter. We all know Ellen and know that she would never give Iggy or any other animal to a bad home. She loves animals and she is heartbroken that this happened. Please sign the petition asking Mutts&Moms to give Iggy back to the family where he belongs.

Thank you so much!