Bring Back "Double the Fist"!

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Bring back "Double the Fist"!

We, the fistworthy fans of Australia, demand that you give the makers of the television program "Double the Fist" the respect they deserve.

By giving the show a pathetic timeslot, weak funding, and no advertising at all, you caused the show to fail, not the people who worked on it. Had you advertised for the show and given it a far better timeslot (i.e. BEFORE 11pm) the show would have done much better.

Because of Foxtel, and the word of mouth of the fans, the show has become more popular than it was back in 2004. The following are suggestions of ways you could increase the show's audience:

Advertising it's win at the AFI awards in 2004, when it beat the popular "Kath & Kim";

Promoting it as "Australia's 'Family Guy'", since "Family Guy" was brought back on the air in America after the fan's demands.

If you mentioned the above on the ABC news, or on News programs on the other free-to-air channels (like you did with "Da Kath & Kim Code"), this would greatly improve it's ratings.

We, the fans, demand that you first repeat the first series of the show during a better timeslot and advertise for it, and then give the okay for the talented artists of the show to make their long-awaited second season.