Grand Funk Railroad should be in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

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Grand Funk Railroad should be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Forming in late 1968, they were the first American rock band to obtain 10 consecutive platinum albums, they had many top 40 singles and also had two #1 singles. The 1973 #1 hit, Were An American Band, expresses the life of a rock band on the road and made them the quintessential American Band. Born as a garage band from the industrial city of Flint, Michigan, they rose to fame quickly because their music and persona spoke to the soul of the people. The average Joe (or Jane) found reason in the lyrics and musicianship of Grand Funk Railroad and many musicians following them found inspiration in the style of Grand Funk. The bands many sold out concerts are highlighted with a 1971 Shea Stadium show that sold out in 72 hours .. it took the much higher hyped Beatles 7 weeks to sell out the same venue 7 years earlier.

Grand Funk Railroad hits include: Im Your Captain/Closer To Home, Footstompin Music, Rock and Roll Soul, Were An American Band, Walk Like A Man, The remake of Carol King/Gerry Goffins The Locomotion", the Soul Brothers Six remake Some Kind of Wonderful, Bad Time, and others.

Based on the contributions guitarist,Mark Farner, drummer, Don Brewer, bassist, Mel Schacher and the later added orgainist, Craig Frost made to the history of rock n roll, Grand Funk Railroad should be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.