GMU Homecoming 2007 Alcohol Policy

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As an alum, friend, and/or supporter of George Mason University, I hereby fully support the following letter that was sent to the George Mason Administration. Let the record show I want no changes in the alcohol policy, as it pertains to homecoming 2007 or in future years. I am willing to actively support and engage in a new non-university sponsored homecoming event.

To those concerned with George Mason University Homecoming:

The purpose of this letter is to voice the extreme disappointment in the schools adoption of a new alcohol policy as it relates to Homecoming. Although this letter does not speak for all alumni, this letter speaks for the ones who have made Homecoming the unrivaled success that it is today. Apparently people within the administration have forgotten Homecoming is an event for alumni not students or themselves.

It was brought to our attention that the only alcohol permitted during pre game festivities is that provided by a 3rd party vendor. And that any alcohol brought to the event will be immediately confiscated and the party with the alcohol could face further legal consequence.

The absurdity of this policy will undoubtedly destroy the great and much anticipated atmosphere that has come to be expected from this event. Homecoming started NOT because of administration foresight or planning but through a grass roots effort of dedicated fans and alumni nearly 10years ago. The alumni came up with the idea of moving Homecoming to basketball season and that it involved tailgating, not unlike dare I say 95\% of universities Homecomings in this country (albeit for football) . For some reason, the arrogance of some people within George Mason University allows them to believe they are bigger than the students and alumni that make up this schools community.

We, as concerned alumni, recognize the impetus behind the new policy- to curb binge drinking by minors. We are proud our Alma Matter wants to quell such behavior. However, let me remind us all that you cannot legislate personal responsibility. And unfortunately caught in the crossfire of this new policys intended target is the slow but steady increase in alumni participation in all things George Mason.

There are only two conclusions that can be drawn: One I am smart enough to earn a degree from GMU but not smart enough to manage myself at Homecoming. Or two, the school has now become so self-absorbed that the wants and needs of the people that actually participate in the event are inconsequential.

On a personal note, I wanted to take a paragraph to thank people that have worked extremely hard over the years to make this event the success that it was. Chris Clark-Talley, Brian Drummond, Jeff Riley and Tom OConnor are people I met with personally and saw their dedication first hand. A special thanks also to Jay Marsh who always makes alumni and fans feel welcome at GMU events.

I never thought I would see this event come to an end when we dreamed it up nearly 10 years ago but as they say all good things must come to an end. We are preparing to work hard on starting a new tradition outside of the heavy handed reach of the school that will provide us (the alumni) with great memories, camaraderie and fellowship for another 10years.

Go Patriots!