Stop killing wildlife for TV shows!

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The signatories of this petition would like to ask you to reconsider the content of material broadcasted by your channel. Several 'survival' programmes such as "MAN VS. WILD" with BEAR GRYLLS (DISCOVERY CHANNEL), are depicting what seem to be real scenes where wildlife is being killed for sensational and dramatic effect.

The first question to ask is whether the killing of the animals in those countries is legal in the first place...

We understand that in real life situations man has to hunt and kill for a living and survival, but as long there is a camera team, there is the possibility for food and drinks to be provided.
The difference between the survival programs showing how to kill animals on Discovery Channel and on the other hand how to protect and rescue the same animals on Animal Planet is really weird...

Ask yourself why you broadcast a series like the Whale Wars were the Japanese fleet is discussed for killing whales for food or the series of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. In these shows the animal welfare is important and efforts are made to protect wildlife and nature.
So why kill those animals in survival shows an hour later?

As these shows can have a large impact on the behavior of children towards the wildlife in their own environment, the killing and eating of wildlife should not be promoted and/or broadcasted.

For these reasons we are asking you to refrain from broadcasting shows promoting the killing of animals in the survival-shows. We cannot think about one legitimate reason for this to happen, so it only has to be for higher ratings of the series, and that is unacceptable!

(((Some videos teaching how to treat wildlife in the WRONG WAY:
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We, the undersigned, are totally against shows that promote wild animal killing and show no respect to wildlife, so WE DEMAND THESE TV SHOWS TO STOP BEING PRODUCED AND BROADCASTED!