Georgia Citizens Supporting HB-615

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Georgia Citizens Supporting HB-615

Dear Georgia Legislators,

I am pleased to be a citizen of Georgia, a consistent voter and a proud firearm owner. Thank you for your overall support of my right to bear arms last year by passing HB 89. I am grateful to have representation like you in the Georgia General Assembly. With my signature on this petition, I pledge support to HB 615, which is a bill that aims to restore my right to bear arms in Georgia. I would be very grateful of your favorable vote on this legislation when you have the opportunity.

HB 615 returns 2nd Amendment rights to all the lawabiding citizen's of Georgia in that:

SECTION 1 - This section of the bill addresses the concealed carry law and permits the concealed carry of weapons, rather than just pistols, revolvers, and concealable firearms. Section 1 also makes it legal for those eligible under federal law to possess a firearm to possess a firearm in a motor vehicle, which fixes an oversight in the concealed carry statute.

SECTION 2 - This section repeals the public gathering law and makes it clear that the only places off limits to you in Georgia will be the portion of a building housing courtrooms, jail, or a prison.

SECTION 3 - This section repeals the requirement of a license to carry a pistol openly, making Georgia like the majority of states, where a license is needed only to conceal the weapon, not merely to carry it.

SECTION 4 - This section changes the licensing law to provide for the option of a lifetime license or the regular 5 year license. It also changes the issuing authority to the Secretary of State. This section also removes the disqualifier for misdemeanor marijuana convictions and concealed weapons carry offenses.

SECTION 5 - This section makes it illegal to seize your weapon during a declared emergency.

SECTION 6 - This section removes the Governor's power to seize your weapon during a time of declared emergency.

SECTION 7 - This section makes sure that your private information will still be confidential once the licensing moves over to the Secretary of State.

SECTION 8 - This section makes the act effective the day it is signed, rather than July 1 of the year it is signed.

SECTION 9 - This section repeals all conflicting laws.

This legislation is important to my way of life, my heritages and my liberties as a Georgia citizen. I respectfully request your support of this bill.