Broader Gender Options on Forms: Male, Female, Other!

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    Standardized Form Companies and other Organizations who use forms
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    University of Maryland, College Park COMM324: Communication and Gender
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Have you ever filled out a survey, application, or form that has given you gender options besides just Male or Female? If you have ever seen Transgender, Intersex, or simply Other as a gender option on any document, surely this caught your attention.

We are a group of University of Maryland students taking a course on Communication and Gender, and we are creating a petition because we believe that not including other gender options on surveys, applications, and other types of documents is a form of inequality and intolerance towards those who do not identify with either male or female as their gender. Transgender, intersex, and transsexual people are discriminated against and are denied the simple acknowledgement that other human beings are given automatically when they are not given this simple option. Although exclusion of this option seems like a small, even trivial issue, it surely impacts this group of people more than the rest of society could ever understand. By creating this petition, we hope to:

Raise awareness of this dilemma.
Allow for more equality in terms of accepting people who don't identify with one of the two historically accepted genders.
Lead to a larger movement of acceptance and integration of this group in our society.

Once we have a significant amount of signatures on our petition, we will be sending it to standardized form companies in hopes of creating a change. Please take a minute to sign our petition if you feel that this is a worthy cause and would like to support our efforts. We greatly appreciate your time and collaboration with us!