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This petition is against a spamming software exploiting blogs, blog-zilla written by network marketing consultant Dan Hollings. It duplicates the content of a post by changing few words and publishes it in 100s of blogs. Since few words are different (up to 25\%), technically it may not be a spam but I don't know what else to call it.

Its basic purpose is nothing else then to exploit search results, make more money from ads. Imagine you are searching and first 200 results of google have same thing? Imagine your site never shows up in search results as some body is using blog-zilla for the same topic?

It can increase the research time for people all over the world. Just like spam takes up 60\% of web traffic, this software will create a lot of same search entries. It has a great potential to exploit ad programs like google ads. Google ad may remove their program because of it.

Please sign up this petition against blog-zilla. As a web user, blogger, researcher, you have a right to have search results clean and world wide web fair.

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