Let HD DVD Die

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After months of the HD DVD group trying to save their doomed format, With the loss of Warner, New Line and HBO, After Paramount's defection to HD DVD, after fire sale pricing during the busiest shopping season of the year, HD DVD has not won over consumers or the Consumer Electronics community. It is time to accept defeat and do the right thing for consumers.

To Paramount: Please exercise your exit options from your agreement with the HD DVD Group and begin producing Blu-Ray discs again.
To Universal: Please begin to produce Blu-Ray discs so that the fans of your movies can enjoy them in the format of their choice.
To Both of the above: Please make clear your intentions to do so as soon as possible, to end the confusion and fence sitting among consumers.
To Toshiba: Please do as you've said you intended to and do what is right for consumers: Please take HD DVD off life support and let the HD packaged media community and market heal and grow. Please let HD DVD Die.