Help Bring Lisa Edelstein Back To House For Season8

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    House MD Executives, NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting Company
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To: House MD Executives, NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting Company

The networks and Executives of House MD have decided to save money on the best show on television and the highest rated show in the world, [H]OUSE MD, by cutting pay to several actors/actresses on the show. And if that was not enough they are also severely reducing the parts of these characters. In doing so they have caused one of the main characters, Lisa Edelstein, to not sign their contract for the upcoming season 8 of House that begins in September. This leaves only one full-time female character, Olivia Wilde's 13 on the show.

While we, the fans, certainly love Wilde, we love Lisa Edelstein more and feel that this show cannot go on without her in the role of her character, Lisa Cuddy! It is a travesty to the entertainment industry that these two networks NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting Company as well as the executives of House would not stand behind one of the most loved persons on their show/network! It seems like such a blatantly unfair decision to ask an actress such as Lisa Edelstein to subject herself to such inequalities that this new contract called for.

This kind of thing should not be allowed to happen. Lisa Edelstein is integral to House, not only as a valuable members of the team of characters and the dynamics of the show , but also as representatives of a population of strong working women in a field which is still primarily male-dominated.

If House Executives, NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting Company go ahead with this decision and do not try to renegotiate a new contract that will satisfy and bring Ms. Edelstein back to her beloved role, it will surely lose much of the shows fan base (just look at the on-line response to this story wherever it is printed, ie. Twitter, Facebook even news shows such as Piers Morgan Tonight ) and one of its best money-making shows will no longer be so.

Shame on you.


The Undersigned