Ban BEEPING features on electronics, appliances and other

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    1) AT&T CEO, David Dorman 2) Radio Shack CEO, David Edmonson 3) BellSouth CEO, F. Duane Ackerman 4) Uniden CEO, Al. Silverberg 5) V-Tech CEO, Paddy Law Wai Leung 6) Amana Appliances, CEO Charles A. Carroll 7) Whirlpool CEO, Jeff M. Fettig 8) Ford CEO,
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    Members of PANE (Product Awareness & Necessary Education)
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This petition is intended to urge large companies to discontinue the manufacture of beeping functions on various electronics and appliances such as answering machines, microwaves and more. These reminders are known as "message alert", "alert tone" "cooking complete reminder" and are highly abusive to PETS, and others who are powerless to shut off these functions while at home all day.
This abuse is hypnotic and does not stand out to the public as a blatantly obvious problem when in fact it IS. The features on these products are a perfect sedative so the companies can inject hurtful ideas and thoughts using mass media while the victims are under this beeping spell-an auditory version of Chinese Water Torture.
(Other products which may have similar features include cell phones, coffee makers and fax machines).